Dec 16, 2016

New Year, Make It About You – You Deserve It!

 PHEW! Another festive season will soon be over and with the non-stop rushing around for the past four weeks, shopping, gift wrapping, partying, cooking and shall we say, more than likely over-indulging (don't worry we have too!), it's time to put some TLC back into poor old neglected YOU and that means a brand new hair do!



I dream of a less frazzled look

It goes without saying that we often spend less time looking after ourselves during the run-up to, and throughout the busy Christmas festivities, so hair is either left to its own 'care-free' devices, brushed with the odd comb once or twice, or scraped back in a hairband, bun or pony tail - only to be shampooed, conditioned and let loose on Christmas Day if you're lucky! As well as getting nil points on the hair care front, who on earth has time to cleanse, tone and moisturise while baking mince pies and basting a turkey?! First things first: time to make a date with you and your hair at Bei we say!

Need some inspiration?

Are you fed up of having the same colour, cut and blow dry EVERY time you get your hair done? Well, hot new styles, ideas and hair trends for 2017 are already here for you to sample and enjoy. Let's find out more shall we!

Getting creative

Why not try adding hair clips, brightly coloured bands or sparkling jewellery to your winter blues barnet and really shine some light on those cold, dark months ahead.

Add some colour!

We all need a lift in January, February and March don't we, it's great for the hair, body and soul, so how about some warm, honey or gold highlights to give a little extra glow.

Gorgeous grey

Grey I hear you say. Yes, it's all the rage at the moment, and it can really transform the way you look. We simply love it and think it's here to stay in 2017!

Perfect parting

A sharp, clean, parting can work wonders for shaping around the face and proves you've got some sass and chicness about you girlfriend! Play with your hair a little and find out the new year style that's right for you!

Love your roots!

Showing off the natural colour of your grown out roots can completely transcend your appearance - why not try it and see!

Curly wurly or sleek and sultry

Be playful with a head of loose curls or as slinky as a minx if you prefer - your hair, you choose!

Product partner

Choosing the perfect hair product to strengthen, shine and ensure your hair looks and feels fabulous, is vital for the new improved you! Racoon, Wella, Paul Mitchell - you name it we use it and so can you!

Whatever your hair ambition for the new year, make yourself an appointment with Bei Capelli quick and you'll soon be back to your radiant 'post-Christmas' self  - PROMISE.


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