Nov 15, 2016

The easy peasy way to frizz free hair

Your lion mane getting out of control? Go to bed dreaming of deliciously straight, glossy, lustrous locks? Well, we're offering the most perfect in-salon silky smooth hair treatment that will nourish your hair from the inside out, and ensure that super sleek, frizz-free look you can only dream of becomes a reality. And the best bit is it will last for up to 14 weeks!  YES, really!
















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Introducing the NanoKeratin Smoothing treatment - a fabulous and revolutionary frizz-free find to tame any unruly hair. This incredible treatment will totally transform your hair giving you a healthy, smooth, soft, naturally shiny and frizz-controlled finish. It's really too much isn't it! By deeply penetrating even the smallest hair fibres, it can bring hair back to its optimum health, leaving seriously luscious locks, plus you'll see the condition, feel and quality of your hair improving with every treatment.


 - Will it smooth my hair - TICK

 - Will it look natural - TICK

 - Will it add extra shine - TICK

 - Will it last a long time - TICK

 - Will it make my hair feel and look good - TICK

 - Will it make my friends jealous - BIG TICK


You'll be pleased to know that NanoKeratin can be used on all types of hair including highlighted, bleached, au natrel or coloured - even curly wurly permed hair, and takes around three hours from start to finish. Just enough time to have a cappucino and catch up on your favourite magazine gossip!

Say bye bye to frizz

No more blow drying for hours on end and no need to take out shares in bottles of hair serum anymore. This treatment REALLY WORKS. What are you waiting for? Form an orderly queue please!

Find out more about the amazing NanoKeratin smoothing treatment by giving us a call today and say au revoir to unwanted frizz forever.  Discover our complete range of services by visiting

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