Oct 20, 2016

Tis the season to get festive!

With just 65 sleeps until Christmas, you may be excused if you are getting just a little excited (who doesn't like this time of year?), but save some of that pent-up energy when it comes to planning ahead for your hair and make-up and that busy party calendar!

Festive Hair


For any true party boy or girl, Christmas is the best time of the year for going OTT - and it's allowed! Sparkle, glitter and over-the-top hair is all part of the seasonal fun, so we thought we'd share some top tricks for getting your luscious locks and make-up right in time for the festivities.

1. Christmas curls

Be bold! Don't just go for the "good old faithful" look. Experiment! Dare to surprise your work colleagues, friends and family, with tousled curling locks and extra volume. Heated rollers while you're doing your party nails or a curling tong will do the trick.

2. Smokin’ hot eyes

Adding some glittery eyeshadow or a hint of sparkle combined with a chunky charcoal eyeliner pencil will make for real conversation over the dinner party cocktails.

3. Say goodbye to the summer tan?

Your healthy glow from being sun-kissed over the sunshine season is now a thing of the past, but who says you can't bring some of that summer shimmer back? Choose either a good bronzing powder or self-apply using a quality fake tanning cream to give a more natural look.

4. Go bonkers for balm!

Chapped or dried lips are not a good turn-on for under the mistletoe, so best to stock-up on your favourite lip balm booster to keep your mouth super soft and moist. Take it from us, this product is your new BFF for winter!

5. Glamorous nails

A little TLC on your hands and nails will be worth every penny! With so many wonderful nail colours and gels you will have too much to choose from! There's no excuse for nails not looking gorgeous for Christmas parties. Top up on your favourite hand cream too and keep moisturised - if you get asked for a boogie you want your hands to be remembered for softness  not dryness!

6. Little black dress

Oh yes, we all know it's coming, so start ditching those chocolate bars and biscuits at snack times and opt for a more healthy option - it will make a huge difference for when you want to squeeze yourself into your newly-purchased party frock!

Remember, it is socially exceptable in the run-up to Christmas to apply as much glitter dust and sparkly powder as you like! You'll be the real Christmas cracker at your office party if you follow these simple steps.

Our diary always gets booked up early around Christmas and New Year, so if you have a specific date in mind best to get booked in now and we’ll wave our extra special Christmas magic-wand.

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