Sep 5, 2016

Need to tame your frizzy mane?

In the summer months, when it’s warm, humid and hot, hot, hot, it can cause hair to really dry out, which in turn brings about the not-so-good frizzy look – one that usually resembles sticking a finger in an electric socket! OUCH!

Frizzy Hair












With this in mind, we’ve put together some fabulous frizz-free tips, to help set you on the way to banishing the big ‘F’ in your hair for good.

  1. Keeping hair balanced with protein and moisture is the real secret – if one is a little ‘out’, it can cause frizz.
  2. Instead of shampooing AND conditioning every time we wash our hair, simply ditch the shampoo and only use a quality conditioner a couple of times a week instead.
  3. Super Serum – This little bottle of hair frizz-fighting love really should be your new best friend, and will fit in your handbag too – perfect for those impromptu but much-needed touch-ups.
  4. Night buns – After conditioning or using serum, wrapping your hair in a bedtime bun is a great way to soak-in moisture overnight while you sleep and avoid drying your luscious locks out on the pillowcase.
  5. A good old brush – Brushing our manes will keep the natural oils found in hair distributed evenly and will work on preventing ‘frizziness’ from building up
  6. Natural oils – If you prefer to use natural products, a few delicate drops of coconut, avocado and olive oil will also boost moisture levels to maintain that frizz-free and fabulous look.

Stick to these simple tips and you won’t go far wrong. Let’s kick frizzy hair to the curb girls!

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