Jul 6, 2016

7 Top Tips For Sun-Kissed Summer Hair!

With summer now officially here (well, we think so) take the opportunity to take some well-earned R&R over the forthcoming holiday season.

We've put together some essential tips on how to care of your hair while out in the sun, so your luscious locks can continue to turn heads at the beach, pool or decking area.

Summer Hair

1. Moroccan oil – This exquisite treat for your hair must surely have been sent by Rapunzel herself, and is perfect for keeping hair (long, straight, curly or short) strong, healthy, frizzle and spilt-ends free, soft and shiny. Don't leave home without it!

2. Condition, condition, condition – It goes without saying that adding conditioner after shampooing is an absolute MUST in the summer months. Sunlight beaming down on unconditioned tresses can cause dryness, lifeless and lank hair, so make sure you top up on your favourite product to keep hair looking so gorgeous your friends will want to stroke it.

3. Layer it up – Adding short or long layers to hairdos can really create volume. No wispy hair for summer sun we say – and best of all, layers mean really low maintenance. Just what you want when you're on a tight sunbathing schedule.

4. Just say no – We all love a good old brush of our hair don't we, but during the summer months, hair can become particularly tangled and brittle after numerous dips in the swimming pool and seaside. Opt for a cheeky little comb instead – easy to pop in your purse or beach bag too!

5. Go au naturel – REALLY? Yes, you can! The sun is at its hottest during the peak summer months in the UK from July-September, so why not let your true hair shine out. Limit the use of bleach, straighteners and hair colour where possible and let nature take its course. It's only for six weeks after all! And if you are going abroad, no-one will know you anyway!

6. I'd like a side of sunscreen with my shampoo please – Forget X-Factor, you can get the UV-factor simply by picking up a bottle of quality shampoo with an added touch of sunscreen for the ultimate beach babe look. Protection and trendy – a great combination.

7. And finally, DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS – Drinking water in searing temperatures is not only good for the body INSIDE, but is fantastic for the body OUTSIDE as well – and that includes keeping your summer bob, lob, shag, layers, crop, bangs – there's too many to mention, looking super chic!

Contact our expert team today for your summer hair requirements – styling and colour options, and we'll make sure you'll be the talk of the beach!

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