May 5, 2016

Fringe or no fringe, that is the question

A fringe can bring about a dramatic hair transformation and a complete change of look. So if you're fed up with the usual trim and fancy a complete change, a fringe could be your answer.

William Shakespeare wouldn't be our go to person for fringe-spiration, let's face it. But to coin a phrase from Hamlet "To be, or not to be, that is the question" may help with the fringe decision.

William Shakespeare 


Whether you choose to go for a blunt fringe or a wispy brow-skimmer, people will notice. When you don't fancy a full-on chop, but you're bored of your hair, whether it's a short fringe or long fringe, the classic cut could be the answer.  Don't take the decision lightly though, once it's there it's there and growing out a fringe isn't fun (and can lead to some pretty dodgy looks)


Blonde Fringe

Marie Claire have put together a gallery of celebrity fringes which we think you'll love. Take a look for instant inspiration and then start thinking about which style is best for the shape of your face.

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