Dec 4, 2018

Hair Up Party Styles To Suit All Christmas Crackers!

French Twist

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly on – it can only mean one thing, party season is upon us and when we rock the frock, we also want our hair to look AMAZING! So, here at Bei Capelli, we always like to lend a helping hand, so we’ve put together some of our standout hairdo styles for wearing your hair up!


Up, up and away!

Wearing your hair up can instantly give you a more sophisticated look. A classic ponytail is perfect for that smart-casual look, while a bun is stylish enough to be dressed up for a festive night out with friends, or down for a quick after work glass of fizz. For a glitzy event (which may involve a little sparkle in the dress department ladies!) you really can't beat a French twist. Find out more about out hot to trot ‘wear your hair up’ styles below!

The perfect pony

Who doesn’t love a good swish or two! You can really add a touch of class to this simple hair up classic by adding a side parting and a little volume with a quality hair treatment product (we recommend King Keratin to the rescue of course), to give you that gorgeous, fuller look.


Big up the bun!

Pulling your hair back into a stylish bun may scream prima ballerina, but if you spritz the hair roots with a volumizing spray first, then back-comb the ponytail to create more volume, add a little twist and curl it up into a bun with either an elastic band, sparkly headpiece or pins to hold it in place, you really will look the part!



French fancy anyone?

We do love a French twist and it’s a wonderful choice for a Christmas party. Is it just because everything French feels instantly chic – maybe… This style is incredibly flattering though and just looks truly beautiful. It’s very simple to put together too – we call it the SWEEP, TWIST and SMOOTH approach! You may need to add in some grips or pins to hold it in place if your hair is heavy or thick, but the result will be stunning!



How Bei Can Help

If you really feel that your hair putting up skills are severely lacking, then pop in to Bei and our talented and creative stylists will ensure you feel like the belle of the ball at your upcoming Christmas do! Tis the season to be jolly after all!

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