Nov 1, 2018

Guaranteed Smooth, Sleek, Frizz Free Hair With Keratin NanoSmooth Treatment













This time of year, as the cold sets in and there’s a bit more wind chill in the air, it can truly wreak havoc on our usually controllable hair, but fear not, help is at hand with the miracle cure that is Keratin NanoSmooth Smoothing Treatment!

Put the magic back into your mane

Ever experienced frizzy or fluffy hair? Well, Keratin Smoothing Treatment (or a Brazilian
blowout as it’s sometimes called) could become your new best friend as it not only tamesthose hair particles right down from root to tip, it also adds shine to your hair at the same time; giving your current lack-lustre locks a look that is both ultra-sleek and luscious!

So, what is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that’s naturally in your hair already. And, how does it work?
Applying the treatment can take around 60 to 90 mins depending on the thickness and
length of hair. After this, the heat is sealed in with a flat iron to create that smooth and silkylook. Once you leave the Bei Capelli salon, we advise clients not to wash their hair for a fewdays, to get the best results from the treatment. And then it’s simply, farewell to frizz!

How long will the treatment last?
This does vary with different types of hair, but usually up to three months. There are many different versions of Keratin treatments, so your personal stylist at Bei Capelli can
recommend the best formula to suit you and your hair needs.


Do I need to visit the salon to have this treatment?
Well, the answer to this is you can DIY at home as there are Keratin-containing products out there on the market, but don’t expect your hair to look “like you’ve just walked out of a salon”!

Is it safe?

Some Keratin treatments do contain formaldehyde, but many of them don’t, so you can askyour salon technician for a formaldehyde-free keratin hair treatment on request.
So, if your hair is partial to going full-on frizzy in the winter months or is looking dull, dry anddamaged, you may be tempted to treat yourself to one of our Keratin Smoothing Treatments to smooth hair, add texture and shine.

If your hair looks good and feels good we guarantee it'll add a little shimmy to your step too!

Call Bei Capelli to speak to one of our stylists today to find out more 01494 868020.

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