Oct 1, 2018

How to manage curly hair in winter – top tips from Bei Capelli!

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Curly hair can be a handful to deal with, particularly as seasons change from summer to winter, and the temperamental weather can result in an absolute hair disaster darling (said in true Craig Revel Horwood stylie!)

However, with a few tweaks to your winter hair care routine, your locks can survive this change in weather, remain bouncy and full of moisture – even when the air turns dry and the chance of rain is high. Transitioning from summer to winter can be difficult – warm air turns cold and rain is much more likely to upset your frizz-free mane! But don’t despair, there are a few things you can do to keep your hair in

tip-top shape.

Deep conditioning

Filling your hair with nutrients after washing is essential for ensuring that it contains the right amount of moisture – even if you don’t have particularly dry hair naturally. This additional moisture, as well as strengthening the hair's proteins, helps to prevent breakage, keeps your curls hydrated and full of bounce, and stops it from becoming brittle. Dry air, ever-present during the cooler months, can cause hair to become straw-like, so adding additional moisture back into the hair through regular deep conditioning prevents this from happening. Moroccan oil can be used as a hydrating mask on the hair and left in overnight for maximum success. It will make your hair feel scrumptious too!

Seal your ends

There are a number of different maintenance methods that people with curly hair swear by, but one of the most popular is the LCO Method (liquid, cream, oil) – sealing your hair with oil makes sure that the moisturising properties of your shampoo and conditioner are locked into your locks (pardon the pun) and help to keep the outside elements, including dry air, from affecting your hair.

Our two top tips for surviving the winter:

1. Don’t go out with wet hair: if you want to let your hair dry naturally, wash it at night and let it dry while you sleep. Facing the elements with wet hair opens it up to a whole lot of potential damage.
2. Hydrate from the inside – ensure that you’re drinking enough water during the day – at least eight glasses – to keep yourself hydrated.


For F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S curls as we head into Autumn, book your hair appointment with Bei Capelli today!

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