Aug 31, 2018

Sunshine looks that will take you and your hair into Autumn


Autumn Hair


None of us want this summer to end, but with September upon us is it time to start thinking about your Autumn hair style?  Lets, not rush things … we can live in hope for an Indian Summer, so what you want to be doing is keeping that beautiful summer style for a little longer, and slowly introduce the warm Autumn tones.

We’ve all had our hair naturally lightened by the scorching summer sun with one of the hottest July and August months on record, but as the sunshine begins to fade, how can we maintain our sexy summery shimmer without it looking like we’re trying too hard! Read on to find out.

  1. Warm it up a little – It’s been sun-kissed and bleach blonde streaks all the way for summer, so now we need to tone it down a little and add the w-word to our hair – WARMTH.

  1. The ‘LOB’ effect – As it gets colder, our hair needs to look and feel warmer, so trying Lowlights, Ombre or Balayage are fabulous ways to add different shades and variety to our hair without changing it completely.

  1. Beat the dryness – With too much sun, dipping in and out of swimming pools and constant blow drying, like most of us, you’re more than likely suffering from dry and damaged hair, split ends and a general lack of moisture. So, make Autumn your mission to add some well-deserved TLC and make your mane marvellous again, so it can feel re-energised, re-charged and ready for the cooler months ahead.

  1. Experiment with colour – A new season can be the ideal opportunity to experiment with a brand-new hair colour, from shiny metallics, ice, ice, baby blonde or perfect pastels – they’re a stunning way to make a statement. Pair it up with a wardrobe full of darker coloured clothing and you’ll really stand out from the crowd!

  1. Pamper yourself at the salon – Make the most of your hair appointment with Bei Capelli and treat yourself to a special intensive moisturising shampoo, an Olaplex treatment, hair serum or leave-in conditioner, followed up by a luxurious head massage – it’ll work wonders for not only the health of your hair but your general wellbeing too!

So, when it comes to keeping that sunny feeling in your hair and in your step as you skip into September and October, simply make a date with Bei Capelli today and we’ll do the rest!

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