Jul 2, 2018

OLAPLEX Hair Treatment Leaves You With The Healthiest Hair




Ladies… if you want hair like you had as a teenager, then this is the treatment for you – and it’s the new celebrity fave!


Now, first things first, this isn’t just another hair conditioning treatment. This incredible little bottle of wonderfulness helps to rebuild hair that has been damaged through bleaching, colouring and blow drying. It almost takes your hair a step back in time, on a trip down memory lane, when things were always ‘au natural’ in the locks department and you didn’t need to colour or use dye! And it looks incredibly healthy and glossier too!

Olaplex has become the biggest must-have hair treatment over the past year, and clients are now even able to buy a little bottle of perfection to have at home too! Why just have great-looking hair when you leave the Bei Capelli salon right?!

The science bit

Originally founded by Dean Christal and scientists’ Dr Craid Hawker and Dr Eric Pressly, who joined forces to conjur up a new molecule that works on the inner hair strands to repair and strengthen damaged locks with head-turning results! So, scientifically-speaking, Olaplex works on the hair from WITHIN as opposed to any normal conditioning treatments which focus on the hair strands themselves. It’s a bit like a skin moisturiser versus a serum!

Reportedly, Kim Kardashian, is a HUGE fan of Olaplex, and with a head of hair like that, this is a statement in itself don’t you think!

To find out more about what Olaplex can do for you and your hair, get in touch with the Bei Capelli salon team on 01494 868020, or simply give it a go when you have your next appointment with us – you will not be disappointed!

Find out more about this amazing hair treatment here: You can even view images of ‘with’ and ‘without’ Olaplex – a real eye opener!

*Price for an Olaplex treatment at Bei Capelli is £20

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