May 10, 2018

Top tips for curly-haired girls!

Curly Hair




It can be a tough old world out there for curly-haired girls can’t it. Those crazy curls have a mind of their own and styling can be a real challenge! Often dry, coarse and a frizz-magnet, it can send you into a panic on a Friday night, but help is at hand with Bei Capelli – you can have the perfect curls ladies with some simple DIY tips and tricks, so read on and you’ll look and feel fabulous we promise!

1.  Invest in a Wide Tooth Comb

Ditch the towel girlfriend and invest in your new BF – the wide tooth comb! Towel drying hair will only cause the F-word – FRIZZ – and you definitely don’t want that!

2.   Plop it up!

If you really want to dry off your hair, then why not consider using a t-shirt over a towel. The fibres in a tee are much gentler so start ‘plopping’ as it’s called in the industry, and you’ll notice you can dry your hair without ruining those lovely curls.

3.   Work your way up from the roots

If you start combing or brushing your hair from root to tip, you’ll find it’s much better for sealing in those beautiful curls, and it will much easier to comb through any pesky knots without causing frizz, split ends or dryness.

4.    Turn your hair into a pineapple!

One of the best techniques to ensure those curls continue to look fabulous is after each wash, pile your hair on the top of you head, so you look a bit like a pineapple! This helps to let the hair dry naturally and in its right shape, as opposed to letting gravity pull down on it – a big no, no for curly hair!

5.    Curls LOVE conditioner!

All hair loves (and needs) a good condition on a regular basis, but for curly locks, it’s an absolute MUST! Choose a good quality product (we have some gorgeous products in salon with to-die-for smells trust us!) and let it works its magic!

6.    You’d be sOIL-ly to not use Argan oil!

We recommend using an oil once a week for about 20 minutes, so it can really sink in deep into the roots right down to the tip. It will add so much VA VA Voom to not only the look and feel of your curls, but your scalp too.

7.    To scrunch or not to scrunch!

Oh, we say scrunch away! As soon as you have washed those curls, head bang over your hair so you’re looking at the floor and just scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, and get out all that excess water. It will ensure those curls are in tip top shape and there’s just something pleasurable about a good scrunch we think!!

So, our message to you is DON’T PANIC! There are a variety of simple ways to stop your curly hair from losing its bounciness. Pop in and speak to a member of our team today and ensure your curls are here to stay!

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