Apr 12, 2018

Balayage or Ombre – the choice is yours!

























With the S-word (that’s summer if you didn’t know) winging its way ever closer towards us, it might be time to think about how you can achieve sun-kissed hair without the bleach, or perhaps just a little extra ‘VA VA VOOM’ to your current hairdo, after all, we all need a little pick me up every now and then don’t we and we have just what you need!

O is for Ombre

So, what is this mysterious ‘ombre’ look you may ask? Well, traditionally it’s dark roots, gradually getting lighter towards the hair ends adding real depth to curly or tousled hairstyles. At Bei Capelli, our talented colourists will work with you to ensure you get the colour that best complements your skin tone and natural hair colour. Even if you’re just looking to add a little layer of lightness to your hair – the kind that looks as though your ends have just grown out naturally, or you want to go big with the power of ombre, with a far more head-turning and dramatic look (and look no foils!), we’ll help you to get the colour and feel you want!

B is for Balayage

Now ‘Balayage’ which is French for ‘sweeping’ is much more of a hair colouring technique and is SOOOO on trend right now! It really works for everyone too – all hair types, which is the absolute beauty of it! Working with your hair, we can make it as ‘au natrel’ or as knock em dead on a Friday night as you want, with any colour you want to go for. Your wish is our command!

How it works

This technique creates a more natural-looking lightening effect; blending your roots to ends for a multi-layered color. And, it really is low maintenance in terms of keeping it looking like you’ve just stepped out of our salon!

Make no mistake, the Balyage is a hair technique game-changer folks and on the top of every A-listers must-have hair!

To find out more about our Ombre-licious or brilliant Balayage services, speak to your professional stylist at Bei Capelli today.

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