Feb 27, 2018

Top Tips For Big, Bouncy, and Beautiful Hair!

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Fed up with waking up in the morning and feeling a little flat in the hair department? Ever wondered how your favourite celeb creates that bouncy, to-die-for hair, that looks oh so natural, well we’re about to show you how it can easily be done in your own home without the need for a personal stylist!

Tip 1:

Creating that all-important look is a lot easier that you might think, so don’t panic! Firstly, a good shampoo and conditioning is needed followed up with a rough towel-dry.

Tip 2:

Add a little dose of volumizing spray after the towel-dry to help take your hair to new heights when you start to blow dry it.

Tip 3:

This is one of our most important words of wisdom: blow-drying is a LOT EASIER when you have neat hair sections!

Tip 4:

Always start your blow dry from the roots, working to the tips. This will really give your hair the WOW-factor and you’ll end up with that bouncy-effect all over. If you have long, thick hair, simply section it out, so you can really get to the parts you need to. Hair doesn’t need to be completely dry – with the nozzle off and drying in a circular motion aim for about 60% before you start to brush.

Tip 5:

BRUSH – Now, it goes without saying that you’ll need a really good quality brush, especially if you have thick hair. As you dry, take the brush and use it on the hair by pulling away at the same time. This will start to accentuate the hair’s lift and volume as you dry.

Tip 6:

Dry UPWARDS. It makes sense that if you hold your dryer in a downward motion, your hair will dry facing down, so if you move it upwards, your hair will gain more bounce, wave and lift. Makes sense no?

TIP 7:

By adding a finishing product like a hair spray or strengthening gel, it will ensure your hair stays looking glossy and beautifully bouncy all day long!

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