Jan 30, 2018

What I’d REALLY like to ask my hairdresser but can’t!










WE KNOW YOU WANT TO – but if we were in your shoes (or sat in our salon chair), we’d probably feel like we couldn’t too! With this in mind, we thought it would be both fun and educational to put together a top 8 list of ‘things you were afraid to ask your hairdresser’ from countless conversations we’ve had with fellow hairdressers alike. So, here goes!

  1. My hair hasn’t been washed for 3 days – will my hairdresser vomit over me? To be honest, most hairdressers can tell the last time a client has washed their hair, and sometimes not washing it for a few days in the run up to say, having a colour treatment or highlights is much better for a hairdresser, as it allows natural oils in the hair to kick in, which will mean applied colour will stick a lot more! We can always put a peg on our nose if it really is bad (laugh out loud).
  1. I have dandruff and am embarrassed to get my hair cut – Believe us when we say, this really isn’t a problem and coming to a good hairdresser like Bei Capelli could even be a blessing in disguise, as we use top quality products, which will help to get rid of those pesky white flakes and help with itchy scalps too.
  1. Am I getting more grey hair? – Well, not to state the obvious, but we’re all going to get there one day. For many, it starts appearing in our early 30’s, for others a little later, but there are some fabulous colours out there nowadays, which can cover grey completely. Highlights can also work wonders as well. Every grey cloud has a blonde bombshell lining right!
  1. I HATE what you’ve done with my hair – Trust us when we say, PLEASE be honest when you’re INSIDE the salon! That’s the time to tell the hairdresser or stylist what you don’t like, so it can be put right while you’re still sat in that comfy chair, no doubt with a good magazine and a cuppa. Don’t wait to moan about it when you’ve gone out of the door! Top Tip: it’s always good to bring a photo of the hairstyle or colour you like, then that way, a hairdresser has something visual to really work with. Obviously, we can’t promise a Rihanna haircut means you’ll leave the salon looking exactly like Rihanna, but we can certainly make your hair-do SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!
  1. My piggy bank is empty – To tip or not to tip that is the question! While everyone loves a little reward now and then, it’s not compulsory to leave a tip for having your hair washed, cut or blow dried. It’s entirely up to you and that’s that. Don’t feel bad if you really can’t afford it – we won’t hold it against you honest guv!
  1. I really can’t be bothered to open my mouth today – Every customer is different. Some like to chat, some like to read a glossy and some like to work while they’re having their hair done. You choose! We can chit chat or simply get down to it.
  1. I feel the need to TEXT during my appointment – If a client wants to text and use their phone while having their hair done, it’s not a problem at all, so long as we can get to your hair, we don’t care!
  1. Products. Products. Products – Yes, we do like to mention products either during or at the end of a client’s hair appointment. They’re a fabulous extension to what we do in the salon and what you can then do in your own home! Well, you do want hair ‘like you’ve just stepped out of a salon’ don’t you?! Where have we heard that before……

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