Nov 28, 2017

How to avoid hair colour fade

Hair colour

Let’s face it, when we move into Winter, we still want to hang on to a bit of summer don’t we, so many of us opt for that honey-toned or high/ lowlights look, ever hopeful the colour will remain exactly the same as when we leave that comfy chair in the hair salon for weeks – but somehow it always seems to, well, fade away.....


So, we asked ourselves, what miracle cure is out there to prevent this from happening and could we share with you a few super tips on how to keep hair colour looking radiant throughout the colder months. Here’s our winter hair guide for keeping that colour looking hot!


  1. Wash your hair less -  WE KNOW, you think this a little gross, but actually cutting down by even one wash every week can really keep that colour looking chic, shiny and gorgeous
  2. Luke Skywater it – By this (and obviously a blatant plug for the new Star Wars movie coming out very soon – EXCITING) we mean, avoiding scolding hot water and going for a more lukewarm douche as it will really help improve the overall look and feel of your hair and its colour
  3. Products – Sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more on products.  After you’ve invested in getting the colour just perfect at the salon, help keep it that way with products from the professionals.  
  4. Switch it up – Try using a more natural colour shampoo and conditioner. By this we mean try and find a decent product that’s alcohol and sulphate-free as this is much better for your hair and less damaging
  5. The root of the problem – We often make the mistake of washing our hair from middle to end, but it’s better for coloured hair especially, if you deep cleanse from the root and avoid unnecessary washing out of your colour.  Like skin, your hair will get dryer in the winter, invest in a good shampoo and conditioner to moisturise your scalp
  6. Darker dos and don’ts – For brunettes or redheads, use a shampoo and conditioner which has colour-protecting ingredients and that’s the right shade or tone for your hair colour. Avoid gel and mousse like the plague as this can really dry hair out and reduce colour-liciousness (yes, we may have made this word up)!
  7. SPF for hair – We forget that we do still have sunshine in winter, particularly when we get up close and personal to Mr Sunshine on the ski slopes! Time to invest in a decent hair spray which has SPF 15 included we think – it’s not just good for skin you know!


Take on these top tips and make them your hair mantra for the next three months, and you’ll soon see the benefits – trust us. Your hair will feel like you really have just stepped out of the Bei Capelli salon, again and again and again!


Why not visit the Bei Capelli hair salon in the run-up to Christmas for all your hair care and hair health products including our favourite brands like Keratin, RedKen and more! We’re always HAIR to help!

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