Aug 31, 2017

Your hands and toes deserve to look good too – manicures and pedicures should be part of your regular beauty treatments


Ok let’s nail this once and for all!  Who doesn’t LOVE having their nails beautifully manicured? When you’re rushing around all day for family and work, it’s a really beautiful thing when you can look at your hands and feet and simply give a gentle sigh with admiration to yourself.

Well, the great news is Bei Capelli has now launched a brand new manicure and pedicure service – WE KNOW! The perfect treat for anyone who needs a little pampering and TLC in the nail department! With our stunning new Shellac CND Nail Colour System, you really will be spoilt for choice we can tell you. And that’s not all! As if it couldn’t get any better, we are offering a special summer holiday price of £35 – for a Shellac manicure and pedicure!!

Why is it important to take care of our nails?

Most of us will agree that having stunning-looking nails is a good enough reason to keep those appointments up on a regular basis, but there are actually some fantastic health benefits too. Frequent manicure and pedicure treatments will ensure no nasty nail infections or diseases can suddenly wreak havoc, as many of these can result in horrible-looking and very painful conditions. Also, common troublesome conditions including fungal and in-growing toe nails can also be avoided. It will also stop you nibblers out there from biting your nails too! OUCH!

It’s a bit of ME-TIME

How nice does it feel when you can sit back, relax and watch someone else expertly exfoliate, massage, stimulate, moisturise, then add that all-important then add that all-important luscious nail polish and top coat to help strengthen your nails – it’s pure heaven we think – it’s pure heaven we think. You may save a few pennies on a DIY night in with a glass of fizz, but you most certainly won’t put in the preparation time like a salon technician will!

And as for those two things at the end of your legs! Well, more often than not we forget they’re even there! They’re shoved into a pair of socks, shoes or trainers each day, and left to fend for themselves! As you can imagine, it’s not a pretty site at the end of the week. Not to mention the calluses and bunions that unfortunately may occur – and occasionally a strong whiff of something not so pleasant!

It’s GREAT for men too!

Don’t be thinking it’s only women who can make the most of a manicure or pedicure – it’s fantastic for your husband, brother, granddad or boyfriend too! Men with pretty hands and feet WORK!


So, take advantage of our special introductory offer on a manicure and pedicure with Bei Capelli – it won’t be A-NAIL-ABLE forever. Go on, make yourself look CUTE-ICLE people – get in touch today! (laughs out loud)! 

To find out more information or to book your appointment with us, please call 01494 868020.

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