May 18, 2017

Top tips for thinning hair

Thinning Hair























Are you looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and noticing more and more that you are ever-so-slightly losing your once luscious locks, then don’t tear your hair out - you are not alone!

There are many reasons why so many of us experience hair thinning or hair loss and there really is a lot we can do ourselves to help prevent it by introducing some simple ‘save my strands’ steps to ensure we keep the most of what we have on our heads, rather than in our hairbrush!


  • Make sure you are having enough iron in your daily diet. Iron is vital for ensuring strong and healthy looking hair and hair growth, so stock up your pantries and cupboards with lots of green veggies, lentils, beans, nuts and red meat.


  • Vitamins such as Silica Complex (see below), which you can purchase in any local Holland & Barrett or equivalent health store, is known to produce some amazing results in preventing hair loss or thinning. They take up to three months to get into the system, but once in, these little wonders work their way into keeping hair looking and feeling its very best, so we suggest grabbing yourself a pot - or maybe even two!


  • Mmmmmmm massage – Saying “yes please” to a head massage when you are having your hair done, then adding a few drops of Moroccan oil, will really make a difference to your hair’s overall wellbeing. When your scalp is being massaged, the motion is helping to stimulate the cells within the hair follicles, so will boost your hair from root to tip.


  • Change it up – If you’ve always worn your hair a certain way, why not consider changing it up a little, from cut, colour and style. Thinning hair can easily look not-so-thinning with a little Bei hair salon magic!


  • Switch it – If you like the look of a blonde bombshell and tend to go for bleach, why not consider highlights instead? Less harsh on those hair follicles, and look much more au natrelle too.


  • Move your parting – Changing the way you wear your parting can really help. We often wear our parting in the same place all-year-round. By moving direction, you stop your hairbrush repeatedly targeting the same area, which can lead to hair loss.


  • Overbrushing – Ever looked at the leftover hair in your brush and wondered how that happened? We can often brush or comb our hair too much, or with too great a force, so ease up a little, and treat your mane with a little more TLC.

  • Ice, ice, baby – Ok, not literally ice cold, but you understand what we’re saying. We often dry our hair with the hottest possible temperature to do it quickly (GUILTY!), but this isn’t always the best thing to do – certainly not all the time. Try and use your hair styling kit on a lower temperature where possible. It may take a few minutes more to dry, but it will be well worth it in the end!


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