Mar 21, 2017

Time to brighten up for Spring!


Spring Hair












It’s March already (where did the last few months go?) and we are well and truly heading full- on into Spring, so it’s time to ditch the cold, dark, winter season look and go for something altogether far more striking which screams, ‘I’m ready for you sunshine!’ It really is a golden opportunity to dazzle friends and family with a stunning new hair colour and be the envy of all you meet!

Before you stampede into the Bei Capelli salon, why not take a moment to think about how you would like to bring that brightness back to your lacklustre locks. Firstly, any change of colour is different for all of us as it really depends on our existing hair colour; whether that’s au natural or given a little helping hand with some added colour, tint or bleach, so we have put together an easy to use checklist below to help with your decision. Simples no?

  1. I’m a brunette – We know, you’ve been dark all over winter and now you just want a quick pick-me-up – something that says, ‘I’ve just come back off holiday can’t you tell’? So, add a different shade to your existing colour to give it a warmer, more chocolatey lift. Balayage is also great for adding a sun-kissed effect to hair. Speak to the team to find out more about this colour service. If you have Joan Jett black hair, how about asking for a softer tone for instant warmth.
  2. I’m a blonde – You may want to add some lowlights at this point before you blonde it up for summer, so be a honey bee or a buttery babe instead of a Marilyn Monroe blonde bombshell, for spring at least.
  3. I’m a redhead – How about playing with some rose gold or apricot tones, but be sure to keep some of your natural glow in there. This will create a much brighter look.
  4. We love a bit of Moroccan oil – Adding some of this wonderful creation to your hair will ensure it feels wonderful and smells great, plus you will be the envy of all around.
  5. LET IT SHINE – Now, you need to add that extra sh sh shine, so invest in a good quality serum or hair shining product – it really will add that finishing touch to make your hair look F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. darling.

Just like having a wardrobe clear-out or a home décor makeover, we all need to change things up a bit, so get in touch with the Bei Capelli team today and we’ll help you to add that all-important spring to your step!


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