Feb 22, 2017

Bridal hair is almost as important as the dress!

Wedding Hair

Whether you are the beautiful bride-to-be. Mother of the Bride or the Chief Bridesmaid, getting your hair right for the big day should be a numero uno priority, and that’s why choosing a professional hair stylist is most definitely the way to go!

We all know, trying to style our own hair on the best of days can sometimes be a little fraught, so getting your hair done professionally, will certainly be one less stress we think you’ll agree – and if you’re the bride, you will look and feel like a princess.


Why get the Big Day hair pamper treatment?

It goes without saying that a professional hair stylist knows how to deal with even the most flyaway, frizzy or unruly ‘just got out of bed and am slightly nervous’ hair for that all-important wedding day. They have the skills and the tools at their disposal, so why would you consider anything else? There will also be a treasure trove of goodies and products to hand, which will ensure your mane stays tame, and doesn’t do anything it shouldn’t as the day goes on. Limp or straggly hair is not such a good look and despite what Mother Nature throws at you, we guarantee your hair will stand its ground!

A good hair stylist will also factor in ensuring you look your most radiant for those posed and candid snaps taken by the official and ‘SMILE PLEASE’ photographer. Remember, you can’t take these pictures again, so your hair must be PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT for this very special and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Time to extend?

If you have always dreamed of having long and luscious locks tumbling down your back or gathered up in a beautiful bonnet of curls, proudly holding that glittering tiara, but sadly lack the quality of hair to do it, then hair extensions could be the right option for you.

As well as looking spectacular, the great thing is you don’t have to put up with trying to grow your hair for months on end in the run-up to saying ‘I DO’ - only to find it doesn’t grow, or if it does, it sprouts lots of unsightly split ends and bristles! In today’s market, we say HALLELUJAH to hair extensions, which come in all different styles, colours and sizes, and feel just like real hair too!

How hair extensions work

  1. Hair extensions tend to be individually glued to your own hair by parting and crisscrossing to create ‘weaves’
  2. Extension hair and real hair is then painted with a bonding solution to help knit them both together
  3. The extension is then heat sealed (stylists can use several ways to do this)
  4. Hair extensions can last for up to 4 months if applied by a professional stylist
  5. When the time comes to take them out, natural hair can be cut and will return to its original strength, thickness and appearance

So, if you want to look like a film or TV star on your big day, choose Bei Capelli. We LOVE creating hair for big occasions, and specialise in Racoon International hair extensions. Call us now on 01494 868020 and book your consultation for stunning bridal hair today!


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