Jan 11, 2017

Avoid winter hair woes with our top tips

It’s that time of year where we tend to forget about looking after our hair, and quite rightly too after all that partying over the festive season. But, forget it at your peril – looking after our mane in the winter months is vitally important if we want to prevent any long-term damage.

There are several quick and effective tips and treatments to keep your hair in tip-top shape and see out the cold months ahead, so grab a pen and take note!


Winter hair

Easy peasy steps to ensuring luscious locks


1. Empty your piggy bank or forgo a cappuccino a week and invest in a good conditioner - An absolute necessity to ensure dryness and brittle hair is kept at bay in the brrrrrrrr months of winter

2. Hair mask – The perfect hair care weekly top-up after shampooing and conditioning, which will add and keep in moisture when your mane is looking a little (or a lot) lack lustre

3. Add a few drops of oil - Argan or Moroccan oil will do the trick and will give your hair extra nourishment, body and shine when it’s needed most

4. Avoid heat – Using heated hair appliances like tongs and straighteners can really make hair very dry as it's a real hot spot for bringing on split ends, so try your very best to reduce usage as much as possible.

5. Keep it trimmed – We sometimes think we can get away with cutting hair during winter as we cover up under hats and hoodies, but keeping it nice and trimmed will not only help maintain its style, but will also keep flyaway and fuzzy-looking hair to a minimum

6. Do an Audrey – Why not look and feel like a film star and don a silk scarf if you’re having to go outside for long periods of time? It will keep hair in fabulous and flawless condition as you counteract the elements thrown at you

7. Say NO to hot water – Try and avoid using too much hot water when washing hair if possible, as this really does cause dryness which can lead on to an itchy head – not nice. Aim for warm or tepid instead

8. Don’t look like a drowned rat – We know, it’s very easy to think you can sneak out of the house undercover MI5 style with wet hair, but try not to. We need to love and care for our hair, especially in the height of winter

9. TREAT YOURSELF – The winter blues are indeed upon us, so why not make yourself look and feel extra special, with a beautiful, smoothing hair care Nano-Keratin treatment! It will nourish your hair from the inside out!

10. Book a Nano date – You deserve a special treat! Make an appointment with the salon today for a spot of hair pampering and you’ll be the envy of your friends and family.

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